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Timber Frame Homes

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Hunting Lodge

HD Structures recently completed an exciting and challenging Hunting Lodge project in a remote valley, accessible only by a river crossing. The lodge features a stunning timber-frame construction with robust moment frames and logs, set on a durable ICF foundation. Utilizing SIPS for superior insulation, our team expertly navigated extreme weather conditions to deliver a shell build that promises to create lifelong memories. Surrounded by abundant wildlife, this unique lodge seamlessly blends into its natural surroundings, offering a perfect retreat for hunting enthusiasts

Equestrian Post-and-Beam

HD Structures recently completed a breathtaking Equestrian project, showcasing stunning craftsmanship and architectural elegance. The facility features a robust post-and-beam structure adorned with classic board & batten siding. Highlighting the design are the elegant hammer trusses, complemented by a charming copula and a distinctive widows peak. This project exemplifies our commitment to quality and aesthetic excellence, creating an exquisite space for equestrian activities.

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